Our mission statement
Rue Des Mille

  1. We will open those drawers and we will make dreams come true.
  2. We will listen to good music; we will sing with our toothbrushes and we will feel like stars.
  3. We will have a toast to friendship, since our friends are the ones who make us see things positively.
  4. We will agree with the ones who consider us crazy… indeed, we must be a bit crazy to be able to meet our goals.
  5. We will learn how to love from our dog... and how to resist from our cat.
  6. We will celebrate each success with the people we love because behind every success there are friends having no filters, grandparents telling histories and mothers listening to their children.
  7. We will always enjoy the Sunday brunch as well as the unexpected trips because happiness can be considered as a mix of little rituals and big surprises.
  8. We will use every ear hole to listen to everyone we admire.
  9. We will hide big truths in small and sparkling details.
  10. We will never stop talking about ourselves: click after click … every moment.
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