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‘Rue des Mille’ jewels are made of 925 silver bathed in gold. For some collections, we also use zirconia, coloured stones, varnishes, and particular superficial finishes. It is normal that, over time, the jewel loses its shininess, but the speed it does so with depends on the way it was previously treated. Like any other precious thing, ‘Rue des Mille’ jewels must be well preserved; indeed, if not, they can rapidly lose their beauty and functionality. Follow the below three simple steps to have a long-lasting sparkling jewel:

Preserve your jewels from the daily overuse.

Pay attention to the factors that may contribute to quickly lower the beauty and shininess of the jewel such as scratches; cosmetics – e.g., soaps, creams; sea and sulfuric waters; humidity; high sun expositions as well as the atmosphere.

Our advice? Lovingly wear your jewels.
When wearing a jewel, try to avoid “dangerous” situations which could damage it such as during sports, aesthetic treatments, and thermal baths, but also be careful when you are at the beach or at the swimming pool. Generally, we recommend you remove your jewels before going to sleep too.

Gently clean your jewels.

Jewel oxidation and the subsequent blackening as well as loss of shininess is a natural phenomenon occurring in all the superficies of metals – technically, we refer to it as tarnish. The good news is that you can prevent it by cleaning your jewel at home, or, in some specific and more critical cases, you can ask for an expert’s help.

Our advice? Let your jewels shine.
Periodically polish your jewels with a delicate cloth like our Forever Sparkling, which is made of 100% cotton soaked in specific cleansers and anti-tarnish agents. Our Forever Sparkling cloth is perfect for all the silver jewels, but it is particularly useful for those jewels which do not look as shiny as before. Remember not to clean our cloth otherwise it will lose its functionality… and remember also to wash your hands after using it.


To reduce the risk of oxidation, keep your jewels away from external agents, such as sunlight and humidity.

Our advice? Keep your jewels away from sunlight and humidity.
The best thing would be that of storing each single jewel in a case or in a small hermetic bag, but you can also use a quality jewel box divided into different little drawers where you can separately place your jewels in an ordered way. Do not store your jewels in the bathroom or in the kitchen where humidity could speed the oxidation process up.

Rue des Mille boxes are not intended to preserve the jewels for a long time, but if you want to store them there, keep in mind to open the boxes sometimes so to let the jewels “breath”.

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