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Tender IoeRo, the collection of 925 silver baby bracelets with galvanic pink gold and red inserts. Delicate hearts, lucky four-leaf clover, dreamy carriages, rocking ponies or elephants in love, choose the beginning of a wonderful story, all to be written.
Valentina Ferragni Capsule
The small rounded bead of the Summer Capsule Collection will color your skin, like grains of sand. This limited edition summer collection comes from the match between Rue des Mille prêt-à-porter jewels and the romantic, chic, contemporary style of Valentina Ferragni.
Gipsy Chic
Dress up your gipsy soul and bring her to dance. Gipsy Chic is the collection of the Summer of Love, summer festivals and gipsy hearts. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, joyful and vibrant jewels, which create summer immediately and embrace your dream of peace, love and freedom. Gipsy Chic is an invitation to flourish and dance to the rhythm of refined gipsy vibrations. Let's Dance babe!
Scrivi il Tuo Nome
Bring out the character. Precious initials, beloved names, letters that tell stories. The characters of the alphabet are among the most precious and powerful symbols you can wear. Scrivi Il Tuo Nome is the collection with high personalization rate, inside you can put what you want: your past and your future, the memory and protection of a whole family tree or the name of your canary.
Via dei Mille - Oro 18Kt
From alpine arches to Sicilian orange groves, you suddenly become queen of a land of a thousand wonders. Open your eyes, your love is whispering sweet words to you, the stacks are standing out on the horizon while you caress the heart that has just given you. Below you, the intense blue waves are breaking on your magical Italian dream. 18 carat gold and glitter for a collection that is a hymn to the Bel Paese and the good life that made it famous in the world.
Brightness is a state of mind. You can always shine, day and night, you just need a pinch of stardust. Pure stardust, this is Stardust's secret ingredient. We collected it and kept it in this collection of silver jewellery 925 with pavé of zirconia, to sparkle all your outfits.
Express yourself with colors. The color speaks about you, your mood and your magic moments. Smaltis is a feast of colorful charms, enamels that trace emotions and fix them on hearts in love, keys of hope, confident crosses, joyful stars.
The blue side of the Rue des Milles is made by 925 Silver and a mix of materials, hematite stone, dice, rings, shamrocks and lucky platelets. Follow him in his everyday challenges with a lucky bracelet, it will be your magical item for him.
I Sogni Son Desideri
Wear your dreams, live your daily fairy tale. Carriages, rocking horses, elephants in love, frog princes and other fantastic characters become charms, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings. I sogni Son Desideri is a silver 925 jewellery's collection, combined with fabrics, pearls and inlays, bows and ribbons, for princesses of our times.
Play with your charme, cover yourself in light, become the muse of your time. Sinuous and rounded jellwery, intense cascades of light, soft and refined lines. GoldenFall is pure seduction, it enlightens you with golden charms and accompanies you to the top of femininity, in full awareness of your strength.
Just a moment to tell. A friendship that will never end, a love born under the summer sun, a secret wish. Moments are the measure of happiness, with Carousel you can tell, remember, always carry them with you.A fabric base tape or the Bangle Circle, are the perfect starting point to collect the happiest moments and write the most magical story of all: yours.
Amici a 4 Zampe
Playful paws and festive tails. This is the collection for lovers of furry 4-legged friends. Charm of all breeds match with fabric bracelets and necklaces of all sizes.
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