Candy Bow

The flirtatious detail in perfect coquette style. The bow becomes the key element to add a touch of grace and femininity to the jewels, creating an intriguing contrast with the boldest looks Reinterpreted in a pop key, with fluorescent paints and colored stones, Candy bow becomes the chic detail for a romantically glamorous style.


A collection of silver jewelry with fluorescent enamel and colorful beads, the ideal choice for those who want to add a touch of brightness and originality to their look. Whether for minimalist lovers or those who prefer a bolder and more eccentric style, this collection offers the perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

For the bride

Elegant, precious, refined, your way, here is a selection of bridal jewels to wear on your wedding day. Here you will find Rue des Mille high jewelery elements for a minimal chic wedding: pearls, gold, diamonds to enhance the wedding dress, but also a series of stylish jewels for the change of clothes in the after party, and trendy proposals for a wedding in your image and likeness, beyond any cliché.

Best man/maid of honor

Enclose a thank you that lasts a long time with these gift ideas for wedding witnesses. We have selected jewels in gold, with diamonds, but also jewels in silver with gold plating and other elements, the value of which increases thanks to the message contained, which can be personalized with the choice of precise letters or subjects, or with dedicated engravings.

Bachelorette party

Customizable, fun, festive, sparkling, here is a selection of jewels for the bachelorette party to make the experience of the team bride and bride-to-be even more unforgettable. Ideas for every style and every budget, for the bride and for the people accompanying her: personalized initials, composed or engraved messages, bracelets in the colors of your choice, eccentric rings, choose how you want to light up this incredible day.

No hole earrings

Discover all the models of Rue des Mille Earrings Without Hole, in gold and silver: in our collections you will find the jewel that's right for you.

Golden Mate

Rue des Mille fine jewelery is essential, long-lasting, multifaceted. Finely crafted and modeled by hand, each Golden Mate is a friend for life, like a precious hug, in 18-karat gold and diamonds created in the lab, to be enjoyed every day.

Are you familiar with lab diamonds?

They are visually and chemically identical to natural diamonds. The ones we have chosen for Golden Mate contain the beauty of the most wanted mineral, without the high environmental and social costs associated with mining.

Collar choker

Discover all handmade chocker necklaces in 925 silver; buy it on the official website Rue des Mille. Find out more!

Dancing Drops

Plated in gold with pink or frost white zircon pavé Dancing Drops celebrate the charm of water drops, the guiding spirit of every gentle fighter. With them you can fearlessly tremble, change shape but not your nature. Bright, transparent, delicate yet invincible, in your dance you know how to win.


Express yourself with colors. The color speaks about you, your mood and your magic moments. Smaltis is a feast of colorful charms, enamels that trace emotions and fix them on hearts in love, keys of hope, confident crosses, joyful stars.

Love is...

More than jewels just for Valentine's Day...these real statements of love ready to wear to never lose sight of that feeling that makes our hearts beat and shine. Two iconic jewels dedicated to those who are capable of falling in love with themselves, with the world, with others.

Silver bracelets

Rue des Mille bracelets are designed to allow you to always carry your best moments with you. Made of 925 silver and finished by hand, our bracelets are offered in many different models and can be customized to add a further touch of personality to your style. Discover the brand new collections and buy your new Rue des Mille jewel on our official store.

Crystal Rainbow

A thousand multicolor facets, crystalline transparencies, warm reflections, exotic sounds, Crystal Rainbow puts the summer filter with just one click. Because the warm season is like a star, it doesn’t wait for anyone, it arrives when it wants and celebrates with whoever is there. Let’s grab the boho-chic style of this collection and light up your summer.

Anklets Mania

Anklets Mania is a tribute to the true must have of the season with a collection made only of anklets, the gipsy queen of the season. Charms and enamelled details, summer beads, bright colors, find your anklet, wear it alone or layered, and give life to a thousand of anklets mix and match.

Silver rings

Rings are an indispensable symbol of style and personality for everyone who wants to feel special. These Rue des Mille rings are made of 925 silver and decorated with hand finishing. Here you will find rose, white or yellow gold plated rings, with zircons and pendants and many original subjects. Buy online on our official store and become part of the RDM family.

Men bracelets

Discover all the handmade men's bracelets in 925 silver; light up your outfits and buy it on the Rue des Mille official website. Find out more!

Costumized name bracelets

Discover all the models of personalized Rue des Mille bracelets, in gold and silver: in our collections you will find the right jewel for you.

Star necklaces

Discover all the models of Rue des Mille Necklace with Stars, in gold and silver: in our collections you will find the jewel that's right for you.

Gold jewelry

Discover the line of 18k gold and diamond jewelery created in the laboratory

Long necklaces

Symbol of feminine strength and rebirth, pearls are wounds transformed into incredible treasures. Whiteside places them at the center, celebrating their hidden meaning, roundness, lunar charm, vintage allure, and simultaneously timeless quality—the innate ability to change attitude in various mix&match combinations. Whether you have a passion for pearls, pristine details, or lightning-fast transformations: hey babe, take a walk on the white side

Stardust Ten

Stardust, the most sparkling collection in the Rue des Mille universe, we have made it big. The diamond pavé has taken up even more space. The forms have multiplied. Stardust TEN, the collection to be worn in quantity for an ultra-bright effect. In this evolution, jewels acquire more space and charisma, new shapes and combinations are added. It's shaping up to be a very exciting season.


Elementary geometries, clean lines, street chains, luminous details. No superstructures. Shapes trace who you are, aiming for the essence for meticulously refined yet always understated elegance. Choose the basic pieces from Shapes and mix them with other collections to create your own blends, or wear them in a complete look for a quietly chic style.


Gold plating and sparkling inlays, eccentric details and unexpected combinations. Enchant her with Amulets! A collection of traditional lucky charms available in XL volumes with a decidedly glam taste, to give and attract good vibes with a pinch of irony and a large dose of charisma

Gipsy Chic

Dress up your gipsy soul and bring her to dance. Gipsy Chic is the collection of the Summer of Love, summer festivals and gipsy hearts. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, joyful and vibrant jewels, which create summer immediately and embrace your dream of peace, love and freedom. Gipsy Chic is an invitation to flourish and dance to the rhythm of refined gipsy vibrations. Let's Dance babe!


Rue des Mille accessories that could be useful in your drawer


Pearls and small colorful beads

Engagement rings

Every engagement rings by Rue des Mille

Lobe earrings

Discover all the models of Rue des Mille Lobe Earrings, in gold and silver: in our collections you will find the jewel that's right for you.

Single earrings

Discover all the models of Rue des Mille Single Earrings, in gold and silver: in our collections you will find the jewel that's right for you.

Men necklace

Discover all the models of the Rue des Mille Men's Necklace, in gold and silver: in our collections you will find the jewel that's right for you.

Circle earrings

Discover all the models of Rue des Mille Hoop Earrings, in gold and silver: in our collections you will find the jewel that's right for you.

Newborn bracelets

Discover all the handmade Rue des Mille baby bracelets in 925 silver and start a new story with our jewellery. Know more!

Adjustable choker

Discover all the models of Rue des Mille Adjustable Chokers, in gold and silver: in our collections you will find the jewel that's right for you.

Earrings with letters

Discover all the models of Earrings with the Rue des Mille Letter, in gold and silver: in our collections you will find the jewel that's right for you.


Rue des Mille Jewels are made of 925 silver and hand finished. Mixes of chokers, set of earrings, personalized necklaces, pendants and magic charms to always carry with you.

Choker with first letter

Discover all the models of Choker with initial Rue des Mille, in gold and silver: in our collections you will find the jewel that's right for you.

Wedding favors

Those who do not like wedding favors might change their mind if the thought left as a souvenir of the wedding to the guests is a jewel. Here is a selection of jewelery ideas for wedding favors that stands out for its versatility and transversality of use, because if there are many people invited and you have no way of personalizing every single thought, it is better to choose a pop jewel, minimal, fluid, discreet but elegant, like a rope bracelet or a lucky charm.


Discover the new Rue des Mille products

Stardust Planet

Welcome to the most sparkling planet in the entire galaxy. Just landed at Stardust planet. Stardust planet is a incredible place made of stardust, shiny rings and circles to wear.

Costumized name choker

Discover all the models of Rue des Mille necklace with costumized name, in gold and silver: in our collections you will find the jewel that's right for you.


A friendship that will never end, a love born under the summer sun, a secret wish. Moments are the measure of happiness, with Carousel you can tell, remember, carry them always with you. A fabric bracelet or a bangle are the perfect starting point to collect your happiest moments and write your magical story.

Scrivi il Tuo Nome

Bring out your personality. Precious initials, beloved names, letters that tell stories. The characters of the alphabet are among the most precious and powerful symbols you can wear.

Scrivi Il Tuo Nome is a collection with high personalization rate, you can write what you want: your past and your future, the memory and the whole family.


Clip after clip you weave a plot that talks about you: a date, an invitation, a character trait, a creed, a relationship. With the clasp you hook, unhook and hang up stories as you wish, create anthologies, add characters, remove the superfluous. Each ClipIT is a piece of life, a unique and unrepeatable jewel like you.


Tender Io&Ro, the collection of baby bracelets in 925 Silver, expands with new colors and jewels dedicated to new mothers.

Stardust Tribe

We have the power to fight every challenge and a big heart to fall in love. We are not waiting for shooting stars, we get them one by one. We have stardust our skin and a sparkling light hidden in our eyes. Dance is our mantra. Take the courage to get on the track and you will shine. Join the Tribe and start dancing.

Mum Selection

Jewels for mom deserve their own space. Mom is mom and we can never do enough to thank her and tell her how important it is for us. Mum selection makes everything easier. Here you can find Rue des Mille jewels selection dedicated to the best superhero of all time.


We love to tell intriguing stories. Tangle is made like this, with studs and circles, crosses, colored stones, knots, fabrics and chains as we like them. Jewels that take inspiration from his wardrobe, but are ready to be worn in a genderless and totally free way, in which each person has the command of their own story.


Brightness is a state of mind. You can always shine, day and night, you just need a pinch of stardust. Pure stardust, this is the secret ingredient. Stardust is in this collection of silver jewelry 925 with pavé of zirconia, SPARKLE ALL YOUR OUTFITS.

I Sogni Son Desideri

Wear your dreams, live your daily fairy tale. Carriages, rocking horses, lovely elephants, frog princes and other fantastic characters become charms, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings. I sogni Son Desideri is a silver 925 jewelry collection, combined with fabrics, pearls, bows and ribbons, for princesses of our times.


Cheeky chains, piercings and punk pins conquer details, break patterns, mix points and hearts, studs and zircons. Gentle sex, or maybe not. Strong, eccentric, chic, Rebelle, turns on the outfit against every cliché.

Engravable Jewels

From today you can engrave your personal messages to a selection of Rue des Mille jewels. IncidiLo is our personalized engraving service: try it now for free


When you want to feel at the center of the universe and you want to do it with class. With its spheres and stars, bold volumes and lines, Starball is in perfect gravitational balance between consistency and lightness, sinuous lines and stardust, reflections and sparks. A collection light years away from banality, refined, original, ultra chic.

Stardust Tales

If life is a story, you are the protagonist. Dream about the stars, ride unicorns, aim straight for the moon. The measure of the story is in your hands, the representation on your skin. Friendly Ghosts are part of the game. Don't back down, wear them.

Customizable jewels

The best style is the one you choose. Because you are unique, no one is like you. Rue des Mille Personalized Jewels to play with your style, memories, dreams and personality.

Initials, names, words to remember your best moments and stories on the skin.


Playful attitude, rebellious soul: Tartaro, Taro for all. Serial dodger, he always manages to find his way home. They always have a special place in our heart, Four-legged friends are like this, on your side, stronger than time. Taro&friend is the collection to celebrate your most faithful friend.

Jungle Tribe

Get out of your personal cage and start collecting stories. The craziest, the brightest, the most colorful stories ever. Our Tribe is made of freedom. Here the precious patchworks we wear, become pieces of life.

Jungle tribe is calling you. Be part of the fun.


Lots of pearls, in threads and drops, combined with red hearts and sparks in a collection that's frozen in time. A spatial match, full of scenic details, modern lines and retro whispers. Use this precious collection whenever you want... you don't need a special event to feel unique!

Wedding Outfits

Complete your outfit with the perfect jewel for any occasion.

Gift ideas for a Mom To Be

Very tender bracelets in a special mother-baby match, in many colors and subjects for every taste, 18-karat gold feet with fluorescent chains, little angels, lucky four-leaf clovers, carriages, rocking horses, but also bells for a vibrant and festive lullaby. Discover all the gift ideas for moms to be, jewelery to give to your friend during a baby shower, waiting for the baby to arrive.

Jewelery for Confirmation

Colorful points of light and small crowns, total black crosses, names, personalized initials and many other subjects on earrings and piercings, bracelets, necklaces but also anklets and rings. Here is a selection of confirmation jewels that don't want to remain closed in a drawer, because they are made to be worn every day or almost by the teenager for whom they were made.

Jewelry for Communion

Guardian angels, mini crosses, but also personalized names and many other subjects on earrings and single earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and necklaces. Here is a special selection of communion jewellery, here you will find silver gift ideas and first communion gift ideas in gold and ethical diamonds, to celebrate this important family event.

Baptism gift ideas

Guardian angels, chubby feet, lucky four-leaf clovers, magical carriages, sweet names and initials, discover many baptism gift ideas, both gold and silver jewelery for the baby on the way, but also in a maxi version for mum and dad. We have selected baby bracelets, baptism necklaces, bracelets with personalized initials and necklaces with personalized name. An entire selection ready to give the best of welcomes.

Costumized name necklace

Discover all the necklaces with personalized name handmade and in 925 silver; light up your outfits and buy it on the Rue des Mille official website.

Pinky rings

Discover all the pinky rings handmade and in 925 silver; light up your outfits and buy it on the Rue des Mille official website. Find out more!

Elastic bracelets

Discover all the elastic bracelets handmade and in 925 silver; light up your outfits and buy it on the Rue des Mille official website. Find out more!

Necklace with first letter

Discover all the necklaces with first letter handmade and in 925 silver; light up your outfits and buy it on the Rue des Mille official website. Find out more!

Resizable rings

Discover all the Rue des Mille adjustable rings handmade in 925 silver and light up your outfit with our jewels. Learn more!

Dad inspo
Silver piercings

Our piercings are a real contamination of the minimal and romantic style of Rue des Mille with typical elements of underground culture.

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